Science Kits

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Chem C1000; Thames & Kosmos
Chem C2000 by Thames and Kosmos
Chem C3000 by Thames and Kosmos
Genetics and DNA; Thames & Kosmos
Great white shark thames and kosmos
Happy Atoms by Thames & Kosmos
Human Body Anatomy Model Thames & Kosmos
Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit Thames & Kosmos
Ingenious Thames and Kosmos
Intro to Engineering: Thames & Kosmos
Kids First Chemistry Set Thames and KosmosKids First Chemistry Set Thames and Kosmos
Physics Lab Thames and Kosmos
Motors & Generators Thames and Kosmos
Physics Discovery: Thames & Kosmos
Thames & Kosmos: Power House V2. Sustainable Living in the 21st Century
Rubber Band Racers Thames and Kosmos
Scorpion Anatomy Kit by Thames & Kosmos
Stepping into Science Thames & Kosmos
The Human Body Science Kit; ; Thames & Kosmos