Creating Harmony: Conflict Resolution in Community 

Full of first-hand knowledge, practical experiences, useful techniques and inspiring stories. The wisdom contained in this book is for anyone who wishes to overcome humanity’s greatest stumbling block – conflict – and explore new, holistic ways of living and working together. A handbook of hope for the future.

24.50 12.50

ISBN: 9781856230148

Edited by Hildur Jackson

Published by: Permanent Publications

There is a dawning of a new renaissance, seeking to combine science, art, ecology and spirituality, and explore new ways of creating harmonious communities which conserve and nurture the environment as well as its people. This movement is spreading across the world and through its cultures, acknowledging the richness of many traditional wisdoms and celebrating new ideas: self and community development, ecological design, and sustainable agriculture. Creating Harmony is an exciting, groundbreaking project and is full of original ideas and inspiration. Edited by cultural sociologist and co-founder of the Gaia Trust, Hildur Jackson, this is an anthology of contributions from authors from all over the world, with a fascinating breadth of experience in setting up communities and eco-villages, forming proactive groups, and pioneering new techniques. Creating Harmony looks at topics such as how sacred architecture and esoteric practices can help found harmonious communities; how permaculture can be a key framework in designing sustainable communities; and how people can work together on their personal development.


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