Crop Circles, Gods and Their Secrets

Presents an analysis of crop circles using ancient Sumerian and numerology.

15.00 13.95

ISBN: 9781931882255

By: Robert Boerman

Published by: Adventures Unlimited Press

A Dutch crop circle researcher decodes recent crop circles applying ancient Sumerian and numerology. In this engaging, well-illustrated book, both scientific and historical, the author links two separate crop circles, both near Alton Barnes in England, each containing an old Hebrew inscription and a Double Helix. They yield the name of the ‘maker’, his message, important facts and the summary of human history. This information finally cracks the crop circle code, which communicates the true history of mankind and the return of the 12th Planet. Read who the gods were and how they are still here to prepare us for the coming dimensional transformation in 2012. Chapters include: The Seven Seals of Atlantis; Planet X: Nibiru; The Cross; Symbol of Nibiru; Genetic Manipulation; The Sexagesimal System of Numbers; Is the Great Pyramid Older than 10,450 BC?; 12 Strands of DNA?; 52: The Game of Thoth; Tellurium; Gematrian Numbers; A Return of the Gods in 2012?; Proof of a 12th Planet?


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