Extreme Survival ,

This book gives advice on what to do when disaster strikes in the outdoors, the city and in the home. It shows you how to survive on land, water and in the air, in any climate and in harsh terrain. Practical advice, street skills and step-by-step self-defence techniques are included.

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ISBN: 9780754815525

By: Anthonio Akkermans, Andy Middleton, Bill Mattos

Published by: Anness Publishing

This is the ultimate guide to survival: in the wilderness, in the city, in planes, in cars and in the home. How to stay alive in every dangerous situation? This title contains over 550 colour illustrations showing techniques, tactics and tricks of the trade, and 80 step-by-step training projects for extreme life skills to use in emergencies. Expert advice will enhance the survival instinct and improve risk awareness. Learn to avoid hazardous situations; respond positively and calmly to confrontation; build confidence through knowledge; and increase mental strength and will power. The first section concentrates on the bushcraft techniques needed to survive outdoors in every climate and terrain: how to find protection from the elements; how to find drinking water; how to make a fire, hunt and trap animals for food, or find your way without a map and compass. The second section focuses on how to ensure personal safety when everyday situations become life-threatening, including hostage situations, counter-terrorism techniques, self-defence against personal attacks, how to act when a tourist, and how to deal with car hijacking and road rage, house fires, transport accidents and medical emergencies. This is the perfect manual to help you build confidence through knowledge, increase mental strength and will-power, and to obtain the street and wilderness skills, strategies, instincts and intuition that will keep you alive in that once-in-a-lifetime moment of extreme need.