Finding the Open Road: A Guide to Self-Construction Rather Than Mass Production (Roadtrip Nation)

A compilation of the wisdom gleaned from Roadtrip Nation’s informational interviews and experiences on the road, including a how-to-roadtrip guide–Provided by publisher.

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ISBN: 9781580087216

By: Mike Marriner,Brian McAllister,Nathan Gebhard,Roadtrip Nation (Organization) Staff

Published by: Ten Speed Press

A few years ago, buddies Mike, Brian, and Nathan faced the end of college with the realization that, like many a college student, they had absolutely no idea what to do with their lives. Their solution: take a roadtrip and interview people from all walks of life to learn how they got where they are. Their mode of transportation: a clunky, 31-foot green motor home. Three months and 17,000 miles later, they had met the CEO of National Geographic, the scientist who decoded the human genome, and the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. They had talked to bookstore owners, filmmakers, artists, and more than 70 others who had found their callings–their “open roads”.

Mike, Brian, and Nathan had found their mission: to help others define their own paths based on passion, individuality, and nonconformity. They titled their project Roadtrip Nation, made a documentary, created a TV show, started a magazine, wrote a book, and now send teams of students on roadtrips each summer.

FINDING THE OPEN ROAD shares the history of Roadtrip Nation, along with a dozen life-as-road themes, a how-to-roadtrip guide, a personal roadtrip journal, and more than 50 interviews conducted in green RVs. It is many lives’ worth of wisdom for anyone trying to find their way off the beaten path. A collection of Roadtrip Nation’s career-pathfinding wisdom, gleaned from informational job interviews and experiences from their cross-country roadtrips, along with a roadtrip guide and journal. An ideal gift for graduating college students or anyone looking for a new career direction. The 12-week PBS series was aired in May 2005 and Roadtrip Nation RVs toured 100 college campuses in April 2005.

Information interviews include an astrophysicist with NASA, the founder of Samuel Adams Brewery, a yoga teacher, Jane Smiley, and executive director of Rock the Vote.


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