How to go Carbon Neutral: A practical guide to treading more lightly upon the Earth ,

Mark Brassington offers practical options and information about how to decrease your carbon footprint: what are the choices, costs and benefits, where to find resources and how to create change.

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By: Mark Brassington

ISBN: 9781845282509

From the Author
‘How To Go Carbon Neutral’ is not just another ‘tips’ book. It is a complete manual that will help you on the road to becoming carbon neutral.

There are 6 areas to being carbon neutral:

1. Heating
2. Electricity
3. Water
4. Transport
5. Food
6. Shopping

If you are carbon neutral in each areas, then you’re done! The key is to tackle it one small chunk at a time. Each area has Inputs and Outputs. Inputs to our lives might be petrol, food, washing machines, or natural gas. Our outputs might be sewage, fumes, rubbish or waste food. Always start with your outputs – they’re often much easier (and cheaper) than your inputs!

I started with the outputs of my life by recycling everything I could, and starting to compost. These are the “quick wins” that most folks are able to do, and cost virtually nothing. I then moved on to our electricity, and went with a 100% renewables energy company – which will guarantee you are carbon neutral.

I then went on to replace my heating inputs, by having a hot water solar panel and a wood burning stove put in, but these took quite a while to save for! But they’re paying huge and growing dividends every year…

As you can see, some areas are easier and cheaper than others, and they all take time to do – but we can all become carbon neutral if we want to. The book goes into more detail in each of the areas, to explain how to go carbon neutral in every area of your life. It also has all the numbers to call, and websites to visit and breaks down even the most complicated tasks into easy, bite-sized chunks.

Saying your actions don’t count is like saying your vote doesn’t count. Your actions matter! Why do you think the supermarkets are going green? They are responding to the opinions of their customers. Everything you buy is a vote for a way of life. Next time you buy something, vote carbon neutral!


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