Mind Maps at Work: How to be the best at work and still have time to play

How to be the best at work and still have time to play

19.50 7.50

ISBN: 9780007155002

By: Tony Buzan

Published by: Harper Collins Publishers Limited

Mind Maps at Work takes a fresh and exuberant look at how Mind Maps can keep you one step ahead of your colleagues at work. Full of practical tips, exercises and inspiring casestudies of people from all career backgrounds, it will help you unlock your reservoirs of creativity and find the fulfilment at work you know you deserve.Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps who has helped hundreds of highly successful international businesses and organisations. In this inspiring new book he shows how you too can use Mind Maps to achieve greater satisfaction and success at work AND still have time to play. Mind Maps help you tap into your brain s full potential by using a combination of colour, image and association.Mind Maps at Work will help you: Brainstorm and solve the toughest of problems Set goals and achieve them Reinvent your career, business strategy or brand Pinpoint your priorities and multi-task with ease Deliver excellent presentations with confidence Maintain work life balance Bring out the best in yourself and others”


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