Recycle: The Essential Guide

‘Recycle’ is a comprehensive survey of the status of recycling practices at every level. With detailed coverage on the hows, whats and wheres of recycling, it supplies clear explanations of the recycling process and looks at interesting approaches to recycling in countries all over the world.


ISBN: 9781904772361

By: Duncan McCorquodale (Editor),Cigalle Hanaor (Editor),Lucy Siegle (Introduction by)

Published by: Black Dog Publishing Limited

“Recycle: The Essential Guide” is a basic introduction to the hows, whats, whens, and wheres of recycling. With vibrant visuals and a clear, accessible layout, the book illustrates all angles of the subject – from the urgency of resource depletion to the lighter, consumer oriented aspect of eco-design. “Recycle” opens with an introduction from renowned “Guardian” journalist, Lucy Siegle. In her inimitable way, Siegle contextualises recycling in the changing global economy; discussing the way it has changed throughout the ages, and raising questions about where it is headed. Following the introduction, is a comprehensive section of recyclable materials; Paper, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Household Waste and Compost. Each material is explained in depth; how it is sourced, its impact on the environment, how the recycling process occurs; and what each individual reader can do to facilitate these processes. Interspersed amongst these sections will be a variety of little stories, facts and suggestions for inventive reuse in the home. Colourful and distinctive images run alongside, giving voice to the text. The third section of the book is a series of twenty case studies from around the world.


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