Unleash Your Creativity: 52 brilliant ideas for creative genius

Offers practical but inspiring ideas aimed at helping us discover our inner creative genius.

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“Isn’t being creative something you’re born with, like blonde hair or blue eyes? Can we really show you how to be a creative genius? Well in our experience, most people are amazed to discover just how creative they can be. So how do you find the real, inspiring, creative you? It’s a question of mindset. It’s cutting through the blinkered thinking that everyday life tends to throw at you. We’ve seen people transform themselves simply by being in the right environment, with the right people and learning a few simple techniques. “Unleash your Creativity” will teach you how to make those ideas explode!” – Rob Bevan and Tim Wright. What’s it about? In “Unleash your Creativity”, Rob and Tim offer practical but inspiring ideas that will help us discover our inner creative genius and get those juices flowing. With their guidance, readers can build into their professional and personal life, techniques that will transform the way they think.
In “Unleash your Creativity”, Rob and Tim colourfully reveal how to: discover creativity in the workplace – getting the best from yourself and your team; find the best surroundings to be creative; battle with thinker’s block; empower your mind with mental exercises; put your creative genius into practice; and work with others for collective genius. Explore and exploit your innate creativity using Rob and Tim’s 52 brilliant ideas!


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